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Engadget Played With a WP7 Prototype

Good to see that MS is letting some third parties play with actual devices…even if it was being closely supervised:) Engadget was provided with a Samsung prototype which they say will never hit the streets. This makes sense though. This is a phone slapped together to test WP7 and we should all expect that WP7 will be on an updated chassis that’s slimmed down and more modern and not a year old casing. So let’s ignore the hardware. Regarding the software, they say:

That testing is going quite well, as far as we can see — Microsoft’s people are starting to carry WP7 devices as their personal phones now, and while the software is still quite buggy, the build we saw in action was noticeably faster than before.

Faster = good. Quite buggy = bad. We’re supposed to be near ready to release to manufacturers so it shouldn’t be buggy any longer. It could be problems with the hardware but that’s mere speculation…it could also be shitty software:) Also of interest, take a look at this photo. Again, no details are provided but the image is clearly not taking up the entire screen. We’ll just have to wait…