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Befuddled Together Launches for iPhone and iPad

Apparently Befuddled is very popular on iOS devices, I didn’t now that but now I do. They’ve just released a sequel called Befuddled Together that is a multiplayer version of the game in which you can not only play against friends but you can chat with them in-game as well. So if you’re a fan of Befuddled then you might be interested in this new version so you can play along with friends. Price is $1.99 for the app.


Gamers across the world who fell in love with Inert Soap’s charming, challenging and addictive Befuddled tile-based word game can now enjoy even more fun – and share the experience with friends – thanks to the newly-released sequel Bufuddled Together for iPhone and iPad.

Hailed as a terrifically fun and challenging mix of Bookworm, Bejeweled, and much more, Befuddled Together invites gamers of all ages to immerse themselves in a world of strategic thinking by moving adjacent tiles in a grid right, left, up, down and diagonally in order to form words. Players can enjoy short, 10- round games on their own, or they can play with friends via the new Game Center, or via the new Pass-and-Play mode when sharing one iPhone or iPad.

Other fun, exciting and challenging new features in Befuddled Together include:

  • A built-in chat feature that lets gamers talk as they play
  • New tile categories, including word fragments, wildcards, chameleon tiles, and more
  • Plenty of special abilities, including bomb tiles, change tile type, swap tiles around, and more
  • A dictionary of over 350,000 words
  • Five difficulty modes to challenge word game lovers of all skill levels
  • No timer to stop the fun and get in the way of the action
  • The option of being randomly matched against opponents
  • The freedom to play as many simultaneous games as desired

Befuddled Together, the sequel to the highly popular word game Befuddled, is available now for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

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