imageWell hello official BitTorrent Remote app. This app lets you do exactly what you’d expect – remotely control your BitTorrent downloads based on login info (so no setup is needed). The standout feature is the ability to transfer the download to your phone which makes this sweet. Here’s the full description of the free app:

Secure access to BitTorrent from anywhere. Discover and download on your home computer from anywhere.

What is BitTorrent Remote? BitTorrent Remote is a simple and secure app that enables you to access BitTorrent on your home computer from anywhere. Just create an account from BitTorrent on your computer and you’re done. There’s no complicated network setup required.


– Add, remove, start, stop downloads on your home computer

– Check download progress

– Check your RSS feeds

– Automatically add torrents to your home BitTorrent client from your mobile browser

– Shift completed downloads to your Windows Phone device for local playback

This is good for Windows 7.5/8. Get your download on. FYI this is almost the exact same app as µTorrent  Remote, which is also published from BitTorrent.


  1. That’s great!

    Also, an opportunity for me to characterize the difference between Android and Windows Phone — David’s post here is for something practical that, while it relies on your computer I take it to do the work, it subsequently grabs whatever huge download you torrented to your phone over a presumably lighter protocol like FTP rather than having the phone itself open up dozens or hundreds of torrent connections itself which not only takes a lot of work it entails a lot of data overhead.

    So on Android, you’ve got plenty of torrent remotes like this, you’ve also got torrent remote-FTP combo apps like this which as far as I can tell is identical in functionality to this app, you also have FTP servers so that you can do the second half yourself, and, get this, you actually have full-fledged bittorrent apps you can run on your phone like uTorrent and the original BitTorrent client.

    That may drain the battery a bit more to torrent something but it would probably take less time since you’re not relaying through another machine, also on a nerd-level it’s kind of badass, but it’s not that much better than this Windows Phone app David wrote about for the purposes of bootlegging Taxi Driver in 1080p downloading Ubuntu Linux. In exchange for not being able to do all this other stuff, you get your live tiles and miraculous lack of lag even on modest hardware and two-toned colors.

    Tl;dr, both Windows Phonoe and Android are cool in their own ways.

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