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The Windows Phone 7 Auto Resume Hack In Real Life

imageSo after hearing about this auto resume registry hack I had to give it a go. I mean, if all you need to do is make one registry change [HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftTaskHostDehydrateOnPause=0] and I can always switch it back, well there’s no reason not to try it. Well not only does it autoresume from a lockscreen quicker (and without ‘resuming’) but task switching is in real time now. The back button has gone from being innovative to being game changing. I can go through multiple games and apps and then just tap back to go through them exactly where I left off without any lag. And I went out of my way to try to add a bunch of apps that in the aggregate are both common and leave a large footprint to see what I could do to the memory footprint and there’s no issues that I can detect with running out of memory. What does happen though, is that at some point you can’t go ‘back’ any further so it must have removed their state from RAM to use it in a better way.

So I went through 8 apps and going back will bring me to the instance I was from where I left off. That means that if I was typing a Tweet then that’s the page it will bring me back to, with whatever portion of the text still in tact. In fact, if I do it in a game like Chicks N Vixens it will bring me back to the spot I was in during the game and that can mean a chicken in midair. The only place that this method fails is in games that require you to close them since hitting the back button can go back in the game to the main menu and a ‘do you wish to exit’ screen and not back in time through your apps because they require you to press something to force you to quit. Putting this aside, you can fly through apps now by just tapping back and instantly the last app you were in is resumed.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted if I see any battery drain as I try this. The drain, I believe, would be because more RAM is being used at a given time to save the state of the event you were in. And to clarify these apps are not running in the background. Music apps, for example, still stop playing as soon as they are in the background. This has to do with how the phone is handling tombstoning so don’t think that this is a multitasking tweak.