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Are There Any Decent WinPho GPS Apps Yet? [Ask the Readers]

Surur of WMPoweruser just ran a review on another one of these Windows Phone GPS apps, GPS Tuner Turn by Turn Navigation USA and Canada (brilliant name…) for only $16.99. Looks okay I suppose, the usual features you’d expect from another one of these things, though apparently turn by turn does not mean 3D. I keep mixing that up.

It would get the job done based on his review, but it ain’t no Google Maps Navigation, that’s for sure.

I wanted to go on Surur’s article thread and ask about other GPS options for WinPho as that’s struck me as one thing really holding it back and how could they leave that out. And unlike with an iPhone, you can’t just download TomTom, that ain’t happening. Seems TomTom wasn’t interested in WinPho. The fools, right?

Anyway I can’t do that, go on a WMPU article and ask good questions, because Surur banned my ass a long time ago. Wouldn’t even tell me why. And I thought I was contributing, offering a contrarian perspective, refreshing or whatever. Sigh, I guess the man’s got his reasons… argh. Let me back!! You’re killing me with that hammer. Killing me. Yes there’s some rocky history between me and Surur but it’s old history. I’ve written the man an out-of-the-nowhere letter of general praise *before* this happened. I have no recollection of crossing the line in the time leading up to the ban.

What are the sorts of things I posted on WMPU precipitating my ban? Here’s an example. And look at what I wrote him (also pre-ban, and no, he never responded) for no other reason than pure respect. Read this. From the heart bro. Can’t believe I’m actually posting this, I just feel so pathetic and rudderless, you know?

Sidetracked, sorry.

Anyway, what was it.. ahh yes, so that y’all have the best information spread amongst yourselves (and to satisfy my own voyeuristic curiosity), what are all you WinPho users using for GPS driving navigation? And in what way is your WinPho better for driving than your old WinMo phone?  Here’s the marketplace link to Surur’s reviewed app.

There are actually 110,000 pages on WMPU that include “turn by turn” and maybe you could sort them out. Hey Waze people, how about throwing these guys a bone already? Trapster? C’mon. Et tu, Google?

Cheers, Surur. Smart guy, can’t put it past him to ban me in order to get me to write about his site more and promote his promotional efforts. Genius.

Doug Simmons