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BlueAnt Voice Controlled Headsets and Car Speakerphones Enable Philadelphia Drivers to Comply with New Hands-Free Laws, Rocky Rejoices..

Philadelphia drivers have been enjoying a free ride but come December 1, they will be hit in the pocketbook if they are found talking on a handheld communication device while driving. Since November 1 warnings have been issued to drivers violating Philadelphia’s hands-free law but starting in December anyone not in compliance could receive a ticket and be fined $75. Only a short 25 miles away, the municipality of Wilmington, Delaware is following suit and will enact similar legislation on January 1, 2010 with fines set in the amount of $50.

To comply with these laws and practice safer driving, BlueAnt Wireless encourages Philadelphia and Wilmington drivers to consider its unique line of Bluetooth headsets and car speakerphones with voice control technology. Voice control technology takes hands-free to a new level, eliminating the need to pick up the phone to check caller ID or dial a number, or remember awkward button sequences to adjust volume or other settings on a hands-free device.

A growing body of research, along with common sense, tells us that taking eyes off the road and hands off the wheel, even for a moment, can create a dangerous driving situation. BlueAnt commends the many municipalities like Philadelphia as well as states across the US that are addressing this safety concern through hands-free legislation,” said Executive Chairman, Taisen Maddern. “A responsible way to go hands-free is with our unique voice controlled products. Voice control technology announces incoming calls and in turn, the user can talk back to answer or reject calls eliminating the need for drivers to take their attention off the road for even an instant.

Bluetooth hands-free speakerphones and headsets represent the most popular ways to comply with the new hands-free laws. When considering the wide variety of devices on the market, there are several factors and features to consider:

  • Usage – Where will you use your hands-free device? If the answer is while driving only, a car speakerphone like the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 may be best. This is also a great solution if you switch or rent cars frequently, as you will be better served with a sun visor speakerphone that can clip on and off to move with you. People looking to use their hands-free device in the car as well as while walking, working and multitasking throughout the day should lean towards a headset. Also consider how much background noise is around you during these prime usage times and consider headsets with noise cancellation technology such as the BlueAnt Q1, V1 and Z9i.
  • Simple and safe use – Whether you are technology savvy or adverse, you can easily use a Bluetooth hands-free device. BlueAnt believes voice control provides not only the safest means of operation but also the simplest set up process. For example, with the Q1, you can turn it on, put it in your ear and it talks you through the rest. Talk to your friends, colleagues and the sale agents in your local consumer electronics store for more advice on how simple various devices can be.
  • Fit and Style – A hands-free device is something you will use a lot so make sure you select a headset or speakerphone that meets your personal preference for comfort and style. For the Q1 headset, BlueAnt provides different sized ear buds and an optional over-the-ear hook for added stability. If you prefer not having anything on your ear, go with BlueAnt’s S1 or Supertooth 3 speakerphones.
  • Phone Compatibility – First and foremost, you must make sure your mobile phone has Bluetooth technology. The majority of phones today do so you are likely ready to go. If you use more than one mobile phone, such as a personal and a work phone, or if you plan to share your hands-free device with another person, look for hands-free devices that support multipoint technology. BlueAnt’s Q1 headset and S1 car speakerphone allow the user to connect and control two phones simultaneously, allowing the user just to answer whatever phone rings, as well as put a call from one phone on hold while answering a call from the other phone.

BlueAnt offers a comprehensive range of headsets and speakerphones to appeal to every type of user and budget when it comes to hands-free compliance. You can find BlueAnt products at many retailers including AT&T, Fry’s Electronics, and Radio Shack. To learn more about BlueAnt’s products, please visit

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