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Boom – Fhotoroom available for Windows 8

You have Microsoft with a massive software and hardware release going on and simultaneously the big software we were hoping to see is going live. And here comes Fhotoroom


Community Award Winning Photo App on Windows Phone now comes to Windows 8
Fhotoroom brings +76 powerful image editing, photo styles, light leaks, and frames in one easy to use package. Bring out the best in your photos by also using our Editing Brush which allows you with each mouse or finger stroke to adjust saturation, brightness, darkness and softness.


  • 12 Editing Tools like Crop, Exposure, Saturation, Rotate, Sharpen, Flip, Mirror, Black and White Point
  • 21 Beautiful Styles that give your photo a unique feel and atmosphere.
  • 21 Light Leaks that give your photo a classic camera lens look.
  • 22 Picture Frames and Borders to give your photo that perfect finishing touch.
  • Editing Brush that allows you to draw saturation, brightness, darkness and softness.


Of course my Surface is in Newark now (damn you FedEx) but this will be downloaded immediately. Oh and it’s free. here’s the link.