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Brand New Windows Phone 7 Series Based Theme For SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5.3

As the WP7 based themes start to roll out, there is one that stands out and It’s made by mskip of xda-developers. This theme is made for Spb Mobile Shell 3.5.3 so you will need that prior to installing this theme. It’s also recommended that you have a clean version of MS as well. As of this post, there are several resolutions available with more on the way. (WVGA, VGA, and soon to be WQVGA, and QVGA)

MSkip ProPlus Windows Phone 7 Theme for Mobile Shell 3.5.3
Contains the following:
+ All new layout with invisible buttons at top of Home Hubs for Carousel (top left) and menu (top right).
+ Links on right side of Home Hub 1 to main functions (top button to sound profile, middle invisible button to connections profile and bottom invisible button to task manager) which can easily be changed if desired.
+ 2 Home Hubs (slide up and down to scroll between them) which you can populate with a selection of panels or make up your own.
+ Panels are mostly made up of shortcuts and custom shortcut skins so easy to change images or look (if desired).
+ New menu bars in mobile shell screens.
+ All Screens fully set up for LandScape mode.
+ Lots more that I cant think of right now. Find out for yourself

Head on over to xda-developers and get this theme now;