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Chevron Windows Phone Unlocker Coming Back Online

Great news for those of you looking to legitimately unlock your Windows phone (for sideloading purposes). The Chevron guys are about to reopen the token mechanism so you can get in on the action that 5,000 people have already done. They’re clearly concerned about returns as it’s been an issue in the past. Instead of asking for refunds people file PayPal claims and that leads to them incurring a fee. Going forward they’re changing the process:

First, we added a front-facing refund policy. The policy is simple – tokens not eligible for a refund include (but aren’t limited to) those involved in retail returns, resale, warranty repair, or theft. We’ll determine final eligibility on a case-by-case basis, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Second, we changed the order in which you unlock your phone. Previously, we implied that you purchase a token prior to downloading and using the unlocker. (It was listed as Step 1 and Step 2 respectively.) We flipped these steps to ensure users try the unlock client before purchasing a token. Why?

In some cases, the client may not work correctly with your Windows Phone.

They go trough methods to try to resolve the unlock issues in their post as there appear to be some specific phone issues out there. Anyway, get ready to get back in the action if you want an unlocked device.