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Cocktail Flow Available For iPhone (Joins Windows Phones and Android)

Cocktail Flow is one of the nicest and smoothest apps for Windows Phones. Yeah, it’s a drink mixing app but it’s so well put together that it’s a must have. It’s been available for Android and Android tablets as well and now iPhone users can join in on the fun and it’s free (with in-app purchases for specialty drink packs).

Here’s their iPhone description:

As good as cocktails get on a mobile.
Browse, find and discover cocktails with a continuously growing collection of drinks.
The application features beautifully presented recipes and identifies cocktails that can be made from ingredients in your bar. It also gives suggestions on what ingredients to buy next to make additional delicious cocktails.
Key features of Cocktail Flow :
● Amazing photography
● Select what drinks you have at hand, and it will automatically show you which cocktails you can make
● Shopping suggestions to maximize the amount of cocktails you can make
● Special themed packages like New Years, Christmas, Valentine’s day and St Patrick’s day
● Detailed guides to help you through the process of making amazing cocktails
The application is regularly updated with new cocktail recipes, the latest ones added include several themed drinks

And let’s do a video for good measure:

Cocktail Flow – As good as cocktails get on a mobile from Distinction on Vimeo.

And download links: