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Conflipper Leaves The PPC Community – Will Be Missed

Conflipper is a household name in the PPC community. Not just for cooking ROMs but also for his ability to get his hands on ROMs before anyone else and to delve deep into them while always sharing the goodies he found. In fact, recently he’s the one who has been telling us what devices HTC is going to release  for Android and Windows Phone 7 later this year and some of their specs. HTC has taken exception to his work and even though it all appeared to be a hoax, in the end it was real. HTC was going after Conflipper and he’s given up the fight. Conflipper wrote:

This leads me to the ending of this saga. I have spent the last 4 years devoting my time to mobile phones. Making them better, expanding on what they can already do. Helping thousands of users do what they could with their devices. I have made many friends from all around the world. However I think that it is time for me to call it quits. I have enjoyed everything, and phone modifications will always be in my mind. It is just time for me to spend my time focus on other activities and learning new skills. The times I have had will always be remembered. However everyone has a time they need to call it quits. This is my time, with HTC being curious about what I am doing. I think it is time for me to walk away when I am on top. I wish everyone the best of luck, I will be paying attention, however I will not be taking part of what is going on.

Despite the fact that most of us have used HTC devices because we could hack them, they turned their back on him. They’ve obviously grown from the company they used to be and where the tweaker community used to be their base, they are now mainstream and are protecting their business secrets. Conflipper is a casualty here. The news of what Android and WP7 devices were coming out by extracting ROM files has come to a halt. We’re not taking sides here, but let’s be honest. The reason we’ve all been so heavily involved in HTC phones is for the communities that have been built around tweaking them and the excitement we get when we learn that a new phone is on the horizon. Well HTC, you may just get what you want…you’ve stopped him and closed one leak. Without the lead time and excitement that comes from knowing a new phone is coming from HTC it may just be that HTC is doing itself harm here…only time will tell.

Conflipper has written his story in detail and it’s truly an interesting read to see how he started in the PPC community and how things turned to where they are (including Chinese ROM sources). Take a read of it. Of course, we thank Conflipper for all of his time and efforts in the community and wish him the best of luck.

If anyone has a more proper (figurative) eulogy please feel free to share your thoughts…