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Dell Venue Pro Gets Defender Series Otterbox Cases

It’s interesting that even though the Venue Pro is the last Windows Phone device to be released, it’s the only one to have a case made by Otterbox.  Dell is now selling the Defender Series on their website for $49.95.  The Defender Series is a step up from the Commuter Series, which we’ve reviewed already.  It should provide additional protection from drops at the expense of additional size and weight.  Not sure there is a need for the extra protection over the Commuter case, as it protects the already tough phone extremely well.  But if you’re the paranoid type, this might be the case for you.

Strangely enough, Otterbox hasn’t listed the case on their website yet.  I wonder if Dell incentivized Otterbox to make cases for the Venue Pro.  I’ve noticed most Otterbox cases do not have the phone’s manufacturer logo printed on them, while the Venue Pro’s both do.  Also, the Venue Pro is clearly not leading in sales for Windows Phone either, which means Otterbox would have a large market if they made cases for the Samsung Focus, which is one of the best selling Windows Phones out there.  Why do you guys think Dell is getting all this Otterbox love while everyone else is being left out in the cold?