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Despite Smaller Base, Devs See Higher Returns On WP7 Compared To Android

Ignore that Windows Phone is fractional in user base to Android. Right now if you compare the sales of the top apps on each platform, you’d see that the top Windows Phone devs are making more money according to research firm Xyologic. On Windows Phone, Fruit Ninja had 49,800 downloads at $3 per download. Meanwhile, Android’s top game was Need for Speed that had 68,000 downloads at $1 per download, so Windows Phone is a multiple of Android. InsideMobileApps concludes “That means Microsoft’s smartphone platform, which arrived several years late to market, is likely far more lucrative for its size than Android.”

Based on the January downloads for Windows Phones they provided, I added an extra column to figure out the total sales so you can see it together and overall, it’s shaping up to be a good platform for sales already (well relative to Android at least):

And remember the Microsoft Games Studios just means it’s an Xbox Live title so MSG is the publisher.

So apparently size doesn’t matter…