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Droplets 2.0 Free Hits The WM Marketplace

imageWe spoke about Droplets 1.0 just over three months ago as a logic game that’s both beautiful and fun. You need to figure out the logical order to have the drops hit each other in order to have only one bubble left. Well now version 2.0 Free is in the Marketplace. It’s just like 1 but they’ve added  300 new levels and more variables. So there are ladybugs that you have to work around and on some levels you have to have a specific water drop be the last droplet remaining. Is it fun? I downloaded it about an hour ago and I’m on level 53 and if it weren’t for you guys I’d be playing now. I thought there was a paid version of the app in Marketplace earlier but it’s gone and now there’s just a free one remaining. I’m not sure what the limits are on the free version but I haven’t found it yet.

Anyway, if you’re rocking Windows Mobile still and like logic/puzzle games then definitely check this one out. OK, I’m going back to it…