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Dungeon Adventure Xbox to WP7 Previewed

Uber Geek Games is showing off a WP7 port of their game Dungeon Adventure which is available on Xbox now. Since it’s in XNA the code is mostly reused. Here’s how they describe the game:

Classic Roguelike action, right in your living room! Retro ASCII graphics, an infinite number of random dungeons to loot, and Global Scoreboards to prove you’re the best.

  • Global Scoreboards – saves your highest scores for local and online highscores
  • Keyboard and ChatPad support for precise movement
  • Radial selection for accurate movement, even with a stock Xbox controller
  • Challenging Awardments to unlock
  • Highly configurable graphics – choose from color or monochrome,
  • graphical or ASCII, and remap them however you like.
  • Multiple zoom levels from close up to a bird’s eye view of the dungeon
  • Full featured character creation
  • Avatar support – use your Avatar as the hero!
  • Here’s the Xbox trailer:


And here’s the WP7 port:

The developer notes

A work-in-progress of Dungeon Adventure as it’s being ported to Windows Phone 7. Note that FRAPS seems to have moved the mouse’s position as it appears lower than it actually was in the emulator (hence why I seem to be missing menu buttons and clicking the Inventory button when I’m actually moving down and to the left). The game is entirely playable, with the UI, menus, and several controls being the only things left to be optimized for WP7’s resolution.

Xbox on a phone…loving it.