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Xbox import ban recommended by ITC judge over Motorola patent

What goes around comes around and this is why these patent wars are out of hand and I still maintain that Microsoft and Motorola enter into a cross-licensing agreement [although remember that this is Motorola, the parent company and not Motorola Mobility which was the subject of Microsoft’s recent victory]. 

On Monday an ITC judge made the recommendation that Xbox imports to the US be banned based on the infringement of a patent regarding data between the Xbox and controller. It’s worth noting that a similar ruling was handed down to Motorola in Germany and it was overturned before going into effect. In the case at hand, the ITC commission still has to confirm the judge’s ruling.

Microsoft indicated that they wanted a settlement in the form of a licensing fee and not a ban of Moto’s handsets so maybe there will be reciprocity here. It doesn’t matter how this plays out, millions are lost in fees and costs to this nonsense and hopefully the fire is under everyone’s feet to settle.

via arstechnica