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Elbert Perez’s Latest WP7 Game Available- Mafia Pizza Car–Like GTA

Elbert Perez just released his latest (free) Windows phone game and this one is a Grand Theft Auto clone.

Ever wondered about the life of a Mafia Pizza delivery guy? Now live the life of one enterprising Mafia Mobster who just wants to make his customers happy by delivering his pizzas fast and explosive. Once a Mafioso always a Mafioso is something he lives by, as he still has to do some occasional side jobs. Of course the boys in blue are around town as well so better be careful not to be caught by them.

-Featuring quirky top down driving around a small bustling neighborhood

-Don’t just deliver pizzas but whack enemies and destroy houses as the Mafioso dictates

-Be careful of the cops, they will chase you down pretty much through anything -Make tons of money and buy different delivery vehicles

Let’s take a look at it in action:

At this point you should know his games well so you know I’ve said too much already. Here’s the Marketplace link. it’s sure to be a hit.

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