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Power Workout Mode Added To 6 Week Training for WP7

We mentioned 6 Week Training here. It’s an app that’s free and helps you get to 100 pushups, 200 situps, 200 squats and 150 dips in six weeks. It’s a great app and it’s currently holding the #1 spot in the Health & Fitness category in Marketplace and just outside of the top 100 overall. Well it just got a major boost in v1.1 that has an added Power Workout Mode. What this means is that instead of doing your situp routine for the night, then pushups, then squats, then dips, with each one taking about 5 minutes because of the rest between sets, you can now have them go back to back so while you rest one muscle you are doing the next exercise. So now you do pushups, then squats, dips, situps and repeat and there’s no break between exercises because those muscles got their rest while you were doing other exercises. it’s a lot more efficient and you can now do your routine in a faction of the time. Also, it now adds a cardio element to these exercises as you keep your body moving through the whole process. It’s a great enhancement if you choose to use it and you still get segregated progress charts.

It’s in the Health & Fitness category in Marketplace for free or you can use this link.