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Excellent HTC Touch Pro II Video Review

I know we have posted several HTC Touch Pro II Videos, and as you probably already guessed, we will keep posting more! But I was emailed a link last night to a HTC Touch Pro II Video Review on You Tube that is probably the best I’ve seen so far! This is a must see in my opinion and if you aren’t sold on the power of the Touch Pro II after this then you never will. They do an EXCELLENT job showing you all of the Hardware Aspects, Software/TouchFlo 3D (TP2), and Video Capabilities. It is in two parts and each video last about 8 minutes. Some humor is mixed in with the videos and take note that the author is not an iPhone fan!

A very small warning is that when the incoming phone call and speaker phone are tested the caller drops the “F-Bomb” a couple of times. I thought I would mention that as we try to keep things clean. But regardless, this is an awesome video. Check it out:


See part two after the break!

Thanks to Lasse for the email. The author does not have a website yet but if they ever need a home I will certainly leave the light on for them! I will post more video credits when I get them.