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Facebook for Windows Phone Updated Version 2.7

Had some updates yesterday on my Titan II I thought I would pass along. Facebook got an update to Version 2.7 . I have been using Windows Phone more and more for Facebook and really like the stability. Facebook for iPhone, which is rumored to have an update soon, is incredibly slow and has a recent crashing problem. Here is what is new in Version 2.7:

  • New in 2.7: Notifications now show updated time instead of created time; corrected thumbnail display on likes; now respecting except clause on posts with custom privacy settings.

We have pushed out another bug fix release. In 2.7 notifications now show updated time rather than the created time. We fixed the bug on the likes list that showed duplicated thumbnails. We have also fixed the privacy setting on posts where except clauses were ignored when used as a default privacy setting. Thanks for all the feedback, we do appreciate it! 2.7 is in marketplace now.

Check for an update in Marketplace or download it here: