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Facebook just put a price on Instagram: 1 Billion samoleons!

Facebook has just announced an agreement to purchase Instagram, the iOS, and now-Android, photo sharing app, in exchange for $1 billion of cash and Facebook stock.  It still has to go through the usual red tape, but Facebook expects the deal to close by the end of this (the 2nd) quarter.

Not being on iOS or Android, I checked their website to see what they were about.  Um … it’s kind of like Pinterest, except you take your own pictures. Like Flickr. Or Imgur.  Or PhotoBucket.  Except on your iPhone or Android device.  Except that the iPhone Instagrammers are upset that the Android users are intruding into their “sacred” space; some are even leaving Instagram.

What about Windows Phone?  Well, Microsoft owns roughly 1.6% of Facebook.  Daniel Rubino of thinks that we might even see “a strategic alliance between Facebook and the photo-sharing network, perhaps giving Windows Phone a slight edge in the future.”  I’m a big fan of more-than-two-players-in-a-field and I Despise exclusivity, so I really hope he’s right.  The more cross-platform applications we have. the less influence they will have over the decision, and then people can pay more attention to the platform.  Then we’ll get better platforms.