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Featured App: Concerts for WP7

Here is a new FREE app that showed up in the Marketplace this week and already has 4 stars (9 reviews). The app finds concerts for your favorite artists or allows you to search for concerts in your area (25 to 100 mile radius) or any U.S. city. You can also search for shows by venue. Concert search is by date while artist/venue searches are alphabetical, using the metro alpha letter search screen. The date search screen shows all available concert dates as square icons and currently run from 12/26/10 to 8/1/11. Tap a date and find out what concerts will be in your area.

You can have the app “scan media library” to setup favorites based on your collection. But if you have a large, varied collection you may want to skip this step as it could take some time deleting unwanted favorites. Almost as easy to search an artist’s name, select it and then flag it as a favorite. When you view your favorites a count of upcoming concerts will be indicated below each name. Tapping an artist will show; next show, upcoming shows, artist image thumbnails (which can be enlarged but not saved) and album list all in smooth flowing panoramic view.  Tapping on a concert takes you to the venue, listing all upcoming shows. You can also get a map & directions to the venue or purchase tickets via ticketmaster, or other reputable vendors. Lots more features that I probably have not figured out yet. In settings the app did ask (not required) me to setup a user name and password (w/email address) I suppose to sync w/

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In the developer’s words:


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So if you a looking for a simple way to track down concerts in your area or wherever your favorite artists may take you, download Concerts today from Zune Marketplace here.