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Glow Puff Releases Impossible Maze for Free for Windows Phones

GlowPuff is back with another great title for Windows Phones which features Gruff McDuff from Impossible Mountain (which has an impressive 4 star rating with 219 reviews). In this game you need to navigate through randomly generated mazes, destroy everything in your way and try to make your escape. I’ve played it and it’s a lot of fun and you get into it very quickly.

Let’s go to the description:

Rejoin Gruff McDuff in his second action adventure on Windows Phone! After conquering Impossible Mountain, Gruff heads deep below ground, into the Impossible Mazes. Run, jump, shoot, and blow up the monsters of the underworld mazes as you collect loot and navigate towards the exit. Along the way, you’ll avoid deadly traps around every corner. Fifty randomly generated mazes await you! Can you find your way out?

+Quality graphics and animation

+Simple, touch friendly gameplay using a virtual thumbstick

+Complete Field Manual explains how to play, monster compendium, and trap descriptions

+50 randomly generated mazes – no two mazes are ever alike

+Beware the Chomper – it actively seeks you out wherever you are in the maze!

+Watch out for the traps!

If you liked Impossible Mountain or are looking for a game that you can get into for a few intense minutes at a time you should definitely check it out, particularly since it’s free so there’s no losing on this one.

You can check it out here.