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Go Dogs Go: Run, Bike, Walk, or Hike to This App!

Back on April 24th, DavidK introduced us to BikeDashboard and TrackMyRun, two GPS-enabled apps that allow you to monitor, measure, and map your cycling and running adventures, respectively. As a triathlete, I’ve used both and found them to be excellent tools for endurance athletes with only a few minor quibbles not worth mentioning.

At the same time, I found another app, GPSCycleComputer, that combines the best of both worlds into one app that also provides some nice additions. You can exclude stop time (for example, when you rest, look at the views, or throw up). You can choose between metric or imperial distance. You can easily save your routes in kml and view them on GoogleMaps (which the other two apps also allow). And, a big plus here, you can select mph or min/mile for cycling or running, respectively (unless you are the $6 million man or the bionic woman so that you measure your speed in mph). GPSCycleComputer is also very user friendly. See interface below.

BTW, you would only get the reference to Go Dogs Go if you have young children; it’s a popular kids’ book.

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