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T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 Tentative Release of July 22nd

I know there are many people who are waiting for the Touch Pro 2 to come out but I am really waiting for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 though because I am currently using an unlocked Fuze with my T- Mobile sim. We know that  ATT’s version of Touch Pro 2 recently passed FCC approvals and we could be seeing their touch pro 2 very soon. I think this time T-mobile’s Touch Pro 2 will come out before ATT’s, from all indications that we have we could be expecting the T-Mobile TP2 to come out on July 22nd. A recent internal T-Mobile document shows that training for the TP2 is scheduled to run from June 16th to July 2nd. This still leaves plenty of time for the device to be shipped out to the stores and ready for sales. Another T-Mobile internal “roadmap” also shows that the device is apparently scheduled to be released on July 22nd (Image was to blurry for me to confirm for myself). Here are the two images of the training document and the roadmap from BGR and Engadget respectively.

[via BGR and Engadget]