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Gold’n Rock Goes Free For Windows Phones

Gold’n Rock is a remake of the classic gold miner game for Windows Phones. It’s previously been available in a paid version for $1 and it has a solid 4.5 stars with plenty of reviews. If you don’t know, in its simplest, you need to time when a claw goes out to try to remove rocks and get gold to beat the clock. Now there’s an ad based version of it available for free. First on to the game details though:

Gold’n Rocks brings our big boy Zack to the worldwide lode for treasures. Can you get all the way to help Zack fulfill
his Gold Rush dream? With different modes, challenging levels and various gadgets, Gold’n Rocks is entertaining and
enjoyable for all ages. Don’t hesitate, mine this funny game and let the gold rocks today!!
Treasure-packed gold mines to explore
Super smooth game play at full fps
3 Awesome background scenes with 30 funny and challenging levels
Innovated Volcano levels drive you crazy
5 different modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert & Endless) make the game more enjoyable
How to play:
When your mining claw is aimed in the right direction, tap the phone screen to drop your mining claw to pull treasures
from the ground!
1. Catch as many treasures as you can to reach your goal before time runs out.
2. The bigger the gold ore, the more it worth! Diamonds are worth even more!
3. Elude the rocks, woods and moles that get in your way.
4. Be on the lookout for bombs and TNTs.
5. In between levels spend your money wisely with the shopkeeper. All gadgets are only available within current level!
6. When your mining claw catches obstacles you don’t want, simply tap the phone screen again to throw dynamite sticks
that you buy from the store to blast through them.
7. Grab Bags contain random amount of money and wish you good luck!!
8. The book of GEO can make the rare fossil out of the trashy rocks and worth even more!!
Tips: Pass the Hard mode to enable Expert mode; clear any mode to get Endless mode

I played the free version briefly and it’s definitely a well put together game but the ads are on the intrusive side here. They cover some the gold you’re trying to catch in fact, but during the countdown they will disappear for periods so you can see what it’s covering. It is enough to get you hungry to think about throwing down the equivalent of a Sausage McMuffin for something that will last a lot longer though.