Google is excited to share that they’ve teamed up with Vizio who will begin pumping out TVs and Blu-ray players that will be packing Google TV later this year.

More importantly, early this year, Google will release Google TV extensions for the Android SDK and, finally, a Google TV Android Market.

For me, the big news from that announcement is that they’re not throwing in the towel on the operation.

Doug Simmons


  1. As a DISH Network employee I just wanted to let everyone know that the Logitech Revue with Google TV is an excellent product to have for you and your family. It allows you to watch live TV, schedule recordings, search DVR events, and Automatic paring of DISH receiver. There is a $4 monthly fee if you subscribe to DISH and it only cost $179. To check out how this works with dish go to

  2. Networks are blocking google tv access to their viewing sites because Google did not establish lasting relationships with hollywood executives (kiss their asses like netflix and apple did) so why would I buy one of these boxes when there are better alternatives with less limitations.

  3. That’s a pretty good question; I was wondering about the answer to that this morning when reading about the Microsoft thing. Let me keep wondering a little more and I’ll try to come up with something to articulate.

  4. Reasons to go with Google TV (Revue specifically) versus .. what, Boxee? Let’s go with Boxee.

    Google TV over Boxee:

    Very full fledged browser with Flash and an interface that blends it with regular television, content discovery
    Amazon Video
    Android Market, apps on its way
    Video conferencing (boxee?)
    Made by Google, more likely to tie into more of Google’s services better like Picasa albums with at least every Google service I’ve tried being compatible, even Street View
    Google partnerships with HBO, CNBC, Twitter, NBA
    Easy to learn universal search thing
    Working on producing their own content
    Still aggressive, not throwing in the towel, just general potential of sweetness with this merging of web and television operation that will only escalate in popularity
    More people prefer Google TV to Boxee

    Boxee over Google TV:

    Cooler shape

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