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Gravity Guy 2 & More New Games In Windows Phone Store

The Games Developer Conference (GDC) is taking place this week so it is only natural that new games would appear. New games have in fact arrived on Windows Phone and quite a few to boot with a couple being platform exclusives. Lets run through the list. Clicking on the game titles will take you to the Windows Phone Store download page.

First the exclusives

Gravity Guy 2

To sequel to the hit platformer Gravity Guy will be exclusive to Windows Phone for the next month. It picks up gameplay where the original left off. The laws of gravity remain broken and you’re on the run for you life. A fitting continuation of the hit original. Cost: $2.99 (WP8 Only)

Fling Theory

A physics-based puzzle game where you attempt to solve puzzles and destroy obstacles. Playing with electrons and introducing the concept of repulsion you soon find yourself changing the properties of the atoms and destroying obstacles that stand in the way of your progress. Cost: Free (WP8 Only)

Other New Games

Chaos Rings (RPG)

From the developers Square Enix comes Chaos Rings. In this four-part epic tale, you’ll choose two characters to fight against other pairs in the Ark Arena, with the story behind your struggle kept a mystery until each part is complete. Learn the battle systems and prepare your strategy, then carry it out against your attackers. The game does offer well over 30 hours of gameplay and could easily go for much more so don’t let the cost scare you away. Cost: $9.99 (available for WP7.x and 8)

6th Planet

6th Planet delivers fun, Lunar Lander-style gameplay and a gripping near-future storyline about the sudden mysterious habitability of the planet Saturn. In an interesting twist the developers pulls off a fusion between video game and comic cut scenes. Cost $0.99 (WP8 Only)

Propel Man

Use the catapult to dispatch the propel man to dizzy heights in the sky and cross each level by landing safely past the finish line by deploying your parachute. The game features 30 levels of fun and you upgrade to laser guns, rocket boosters, jet packs and more. Who doesn’t love laser guns. Cost: $0.99 (WP8 only)

Orcs Must Survive (strategy defense)


Fighting on the side of the orcs, your task is to regain the happiness that was stolen by the king’s evil spell. In your quest you will take on knights, wizards and ghosts of the king. You get the chance to gain more troops and weapons as you go. Cost: $0.99 (WP8 Only)

Source: Windows Phone Blog