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Heart and Mind 2 for Windows Phone–Awesome (free) physics puzzler from Orange

Orange (you know, the European network provider, this time it seems to be Orange Polska – from Poland) has released a Windows phone app called Serce i Rozum…or Heart and Mind. You play as two characters that need to solve all of the puzzles and one character kicks harder, the other has more precision. The boards are Angry Birdsish. They are physics based boards but your goal is to kick the ball into the net and each time you kick your next shot is where the ball ended (and you control angle and speed). There are a ton of variables, like triggers that unlock gates, portals, bombs, etc. I’ve played through about 15-20 levels already and it’s a great game. Graphics are spot on, the physics are solid and the challenges are nicely graduated. Of course, being free helps. There is one flaw to it. Every time you beat a level and start the next level the game crashes. It does save the game first but it’s annoying that each time you win a level you wait for the crash and then have to go back into the game and start the level. I’m willing to look beyond this flaw as it’s a lot of fun otherwise and I’m still recommending it. By the way, to start the first level tap on the square the characters are standing on.

You can check it out here for free.