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Hey, So What’s Up with Turbodiesel? [Ask the Readers]

My aunt needs a new whip, thinking about gas mileage and hybrids. Me, I’m thinking turbodiesel from what I’ve read and that commercial they’ve got running now with the kid who wants to drive and his father says Okay, after we stop for gas, but they of course never stop – you know that ad?

Anyway, I like what I’ve read, particularly about the performance versus conventional diesel. I don’t know if this is accurate but I also like the notion that because you’re not adding in a ton of crazy electronics and batteries as you would with a hybrid, which would also be too compact for her and her overweight dogs and her options for a winter-friendly car might be further limited if she went hybrid (versus, say, turbodiesel).

My question is twofold, am I on the right track in formulating this recommendation for her, winter shortcomings and excessive maintenance being dealbreakers, and if any of you have driven one of these suckers, how’s the performance? Really as wicked as the youtube clips suggest?  Because I’ll get to drive the thing every now and then and I like to fire up Trapster and really floor it periodically. And yes, yes I do give back to the Trapster community, unsafely tapping report while driving anytime I spot a cop. Crowdsourcing baby.

Thanks fellas.

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