Seems like HTC HD7 was next in the line to get blessed by the DFT  with the capability to run more than just one Mobile OS after HTC HD2. If you already don’t know, it’s DFT (Dark Forces Team) because of whom HTC HD2 is knows as  the most versatile device, as HD2 can run multiple Mobile OSs (and even some desktop ones.) Below is the video whose link was tweeted by DFT’s CotullaCode Twitter account. And no, you aren’t hallucinating, it’s indeed Windows Mobile 6.1 running on a Windows Phone device (HTC HD7.) Though the details are not yet out  in public, the video’s annotations literates us about the project WML. The project WML, possibly stands for Windows Mobile Loader, emulates Windows Mobile 6.1 on HD7. We haven’t seen Windows Mobile boot, run this fast and smooth ever before. Everything seems snappy, the emulation even has three on-screen keys emulating hardware keys.

If you have ever been in the midst of Windows Mobile Chefs and their cooked ROMs releases every now and then, then you would definitely want to try this legacy OS on your Windows Phone. But, why would anyone else want to run a legacy OS on a perfectly upgraded OS? Well, if  the emulated OS, lets you use the File Explorer and Bluetooth features of WM 6.1 then sure it’s worth giving a try. As this could be a temporary workaround for the missing Bluetooth file transfer feature in Windows Phone.

Also, the video clearly demonstrates that the emulation and Windows Phone works in perfect harmony, as it’s not treated more than just another Windows Phone app. That is, switching from the emulation to the main OS is as easy as pressing the Start button.

And oh, by the way if File explorer of WM 6.1 works, HaRET loader should be possible to run, that is, emulation of Android inside emulation of Windows mobile running on Windows Phone, Inception!

Via: xdadevelopers
Source: Twitter


  1. The video is awesome. I would really like to get WML on my Mozart.

    BTW, it’s HTC Gold, so HTC 7 Pro (the one with the keyboard), not HD7.

  2. I wanted the HD2 for WinMo 6.5, so stepping back to 6.1 doesn’t really appeal to me.
    I was looking for a used HD7 to play with, no wonder they are soo expensive still, these guys are probably creating demand.
    I would love to try Windows Phone on my current device, Dell Strek 5. Kind of a bummer this type of project is not more common and widespread.
    Wish I could stay focused enough to learn how to do this kind of stuff. More power to those who can!
    Stay in School folks.

  3. I have to ask why you’d want to run old winmo?! Sure it’s cool to do it, but we have a nice new OS now… maybe it’s just me.

  4. Well Kris, if you are asking me, then I do not want an old OS. I was referring to when the devices were new.
    But recently I was looking for a used device to play with for cheap. I never owned 6.5 only got to see it.
    If I can get a newish used Windows Phone, cheap, then I would like to play with that.
    If you are asking Dark Forces Team, it sounds like Windows Phone is missing some basic functions still, and the only way to get them is to emulate 6.1
    Sounds like a huge PITA, and I wonder just how worthwhile the effort is.
    I would like to see more effort to dual boot Android and Windows Phone on a current device. I would buy that! HD7 or Titan or some other large device like Samsung Note.

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