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HTC Hidden Wi-Fi Tool – How To Make It Work


Back on April 14th I wrote about a new app from HTC, Hidden Wi-Fi, that allows a user to define up to three hidden Wi-Fi Access Points. Problem is when you open the app an error pops up stating, “This application requires the latest Wi-Fi software. Please update your phone to the latest system software”. Well carlcamera in the HTC HD7 Forum has posted a workaround and by golly, it works. I don’t have a hidden network to fully test it, but I had no problem defining a hidden network. I think the app still needs some work (like all HTC software) because after creating an entry you can’t actually see it, even though there is a “delete” button at the bottom of the screen to remove entries.

So if you need this free app, simple follow the below steps. Nothing to lose.

Wow. I saw this hack (workaround is really too generous a term here) in the comments of the Hidden WiFi app in the Windows Phone app store. This actually worked!

1. Launch the HTC Hidden Wifi app

That infuriating "latest Wi-Fi software" error message appears — DON’T tap OK

2. Tap the Windows Key at the base of the phone (Windows Logo)

Nasty error dialog about navigation appears briefly (Note: I didn’t see any error dialog)

Then Home Page appears. Stay with me.

3. Tap the <– Back button at the base of the phone

If successful, you will see a fairly blank screen with "settings" and "hidden wi-fi" displayed.  click the plus (+) icon in the toolbar and add your hidden wi-fi name.  It won’t appear on this page after you enter it. Then go to Settings|WiFi and look for the name of that hidden Wi-fi SSID.  Good Luck!

Thanks carlcamera for the tip. You can find the app in Marketplace here. Oh, and HTC, please get your shit together and fix this app or at least read your own Forum. You would be amazed what you could learn about your products.

UPDATE: As Brianna reported below, the HTC Firmware Update, which came bundled with the NoDo(March) Update on my Surround does in fact remove the error message and make this app functional. That’s a good thing.