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HTC Inspire: The Continuing Search for the Ideal Mobile Phone for My Wife

I am in search of the best smartphone for my wife. She is NOT a techie and just came from a Palm Centro without a data plan, so getting a smartphone is big technological step up for her. As I noted in a recent post, in my view, the iPhone is definitely not it (and my wife is on the fence about it). So, I decided to test drive the new HTC Inspire from AT&T. And I really like it!

It really is just a big version (4.3” screen) of my Aria, which I love. It runs Android 2.2 Froyo (and, BTW, it has already been rooted and has custom ROMs available on The Inspire is a quality build that has what you would expect of an HTC Android phone.

There isn’t anything flashy about the Inspire and it really isn’t cutting edge in its specs or technological accoutrement. So if you’re looking for a leader-of-the-pack phone, this isn’t it. But if you want a rock-solid phone that is customizable, yet easy to navigate, this is a great phone. Plus, at just $99, you get a lot of phone for the buck.

A few things I don’t like about it. First, I find it too big (and so does my wife). Also, access to the battery and the SIM/SD cards through two separate “doors” is a real pain. I actually bent the SIM/SD cards cover trying to wrestle it off, but got a new one from the AT&T store. The battery life seems fine, but the battery is pretty low capacity (1230 mAh). Also, it didn’t come with a wired headset. And no front-facing camera for video calling (which I think will become de rigueur in the next year or so).

Is the Inspire the keeper for my wife? I’m not sure yet. A key for me is that I want her to have a smartphone that will still be “in the game” in a year or more. I don’t think the Inspire fits that bill.

The Motorola Atrix will be available tomorrow, so I’m going to check it out. Now that smartphone, based on its specs, is one ahead-of-the-curve piece of machinery.

So, the saga continues. I’ll report back on the Atrix and our final decision.

P.S. My greatest fear is that my wife will, in the end, decide to keep the iPhone!

P.S. Sorry for the French verbiage; it does make me sound pretentious, but c’est la vie!