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HTC’s Windows Phone 7 Device Caught On Video


This is supposed to be the HTC Schubert.  It’s rumored to be a launch device for Windows Phone 7.   Is that a xenon flash I see?  If it is I’m going to buy this phone just for the flash!  The aluminum rim and the boomerang on the back are said to be made of a single piece of aluminum. 

I think the aluminum looks nice and I’ll take metal over plastic any day.  I just wish they made this thing more squared off like the ASUS leak we saw a few days ago, and less curved like an iPhone.  I’m not lovin’ the metal rim on the top, though.  It reminds me of my horrific N97 which was so bad I traded it for a iPhone 2G.  Not sure what’s up with the video, but it just blacks out after the 1:11 mark.

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