This is supposed to be the HTC Schubert.  It’s rumored to be a launch device for Windows Phone 7.   Is that a xenon flash I see?  If it is I’m going to buy this phone just for the flash!  The aluminum rim and the boomerang on the back are said to be made of a single piece of aluminum. 

I think the aluminum looks nice and I’ll take metal over plastic any day.  I just wish they made this thing more squared off like the ASUS leak we saw a few days ago, and less curved like an iPhone.  I’m not lovin’ the metal rim on the top, though.  It reminds me of my horrific N97 which was so bad I traded it for a iPhone 2G.  Not sure what’s up with the video, but it just blacks out after the 1:11 mark.

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  1. Look!! It’s 2007!! HTC has made a mistake here. They’re trying to trick iPhone 2g, 3g, and 3gs owners into thinking that this is similar. But all iPhone owners are thinking about is the iPhone 4.

    WHY OH WHY did HTC clone the iPhone?!

    • I think I’m going to have to side with Matt on this one. There really isn’t a whole lot you can do with the chassis requirements. The only reason it looks like an iPhone 2G is because of that ugly ass rim around the front of the screen. But they kinda need it to hold the rear section in place so I get why it’s there. Besides that Matt is right, it does look a whole lot more like a Desire than an old iPhone. I’m really liking the back, just wish the front had a little more work done to it so it looks less generic.

  2. Oh this is a doozy, first and last thought is that its a dead ringer for an iPhone. It will come off looking like a cheap imitation. Come on HTC step your game up!

  3. What the hell else could they do with the hardware requirements? Just about freaking everything is going to look like a slab if it doesn’t have a keyboard. You have the option to round or square your edges. I don’t like square edges because they snag on stuff easier. As for that obligatory circle around the windows logo… yeah, that’s some extremely thin ice. I do like the back of the device itself and also the matte finish on the backing that won’t attract finger prints like the back of my fuze. That thing is covered in finger smudge. The actual face looks just like a desire minus the optical sensor which is also round. As much as you guys want to bitch about this it does look a lot like a desire until you get down to the required windows buttons. If you sit around and think about the Iphone all day though, I can see how your thoughts would drift that direction. But all I see here is HTC doing their thing in a position with little wiggle room. The hardware doesn’t look cheap. The iPhone didn’t look cheap and even if it is a copy I expect someone like HTC to do a good copy and possibly pull an “embrace and extend” microsoft style on you guys. But who knows until we have more than a very ambiguous video about this thing?

  4. well, if you think about it, it looks more like a Touch Pro 2 without a keyboad. Nobody has mistaken my Tilt 2 for an iPhone except for the few who thinks every phone is an iPhone.

  5. Well holding my wife’s iPhone and my TP2 up to the image it does look like the TP2 (actual screen) but the Windows/Home button encased in a circle and the rim aroudn the sides and nothing else distinguishable on it makes it look like the early iPhone. I showed my wife the image of the phone and asked her what does it look like, the first thing she said was “a phone”, after resisting the urge to tell my very pregnant wife “no sh*t Sherlock” I asked specifically what kind of phone. She said it looks like they want it to seem like the iPhone. Disclosure: My wife has an iPhone 3G.

    I’ve been going over this all day in my head because i’m quite happy with my screen on the TP2 (3.6in.). I even said I wouldn’t mind a WP7 phone with a 3.7in screen though my sweet spot seems to be the 4in size. The phone is sleek, and sexy but lacks the front facing camera. Thats a blow because you’ll get both iPhone4 and EVO owners pointing this out ad nauseum.

    Finally, I don’t want every single review having this phone compared to the iPhone 2G. That would be horrible on all fronts. Unless HTC did their famous “YOU” commercial and showed just how awesome the phone is considering their “YOU” commercial actually does seem to be using a kind of swiping motion to show its features. HTC does this right and that “YOU” commercial could be a big differentiator for them and help drive the sales.

    Final thoughts: I’d definitely buy this phone if the Dell Lightning’s actual production model doesn’t match its render. That and it depends what WP7 is coming to Sprint.

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