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HTC Sense HUB For Windows Phone 7 Detailed

So we’ve seen plenty of video of the HTC HUB for Windows Phone 7 already, but here’s a list of the apps that it contains. To recap, this is a HUB which is merely a tile with apps within it and you can add more apps to the HUB. If you don’t like it, just unpin the tile. If you have a phone with extra applications pre-installed it just takes up a little bit of memory but since you have sandboxed storage it won’t bog your phone down like we’re used to in Windows Mobile World. OK here’s the app list from WMPowerUser:

Weather – we have all see this visually stunning app.
Calculator – a simple calculator in portrait and scientific calculator in landscape
Connection Setup – useful when roaming onto another network
Converter – a simple unit convertor
Flashlight – we know this one
List – a simple lists app.
Love – included in EVERY Windows Phone 7 device!
Notes – the visually stunning notes app.
Photo Enhancer – the ability to add simple effects to pictures
Sound Enhancer – enable SRS WOW or Dolby Mobile on your device.
Stocks – a nice stocks app.

There’s also an HTC Market (again, this is a market within the Market) that you can add more HTC apps to your phone from. Presumably you can also take the individual apps within the HUB and pin them independently to the home screen so you can pin weather and never look at love.