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HTC Touch Pro II (Rhodium) Passes The FCC Headed For T-Mobile?

We already posted rumors that T-Mobile customers would be feeling some HTC Rhodium love coming in July (Click Here). Now the rumors get real with the FCC passing an AWS-3G Band (T-Mobile) HTC Touch Pro II! The HTC Rhodium, branded by HTC as the Touch Pro II, will be known to T-Mobile customers as the Wing 2. We still don’t know if AT&T will go with a HTC branded Touch Pro II or with a unique name like the Tilt & Fuze used on past their past and current devices. In any case, T-Mobile customers look to get the first crack at the Touch Pro II offered through a US Carrier.

Stay tuned for all the latest on the Touch Pro II as it makes it’s way over to the US and what looks like a lot of Carrier support!

Source:   Cell Phone Signal via BGR