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Juice Factory’s Creators Release Cargo Crush For Windows Phones

If you know Juice Factory then you probably know why I’m excited when the developers release a new game. Their latest is called Cargo Crush. Here’s the description:

Cargo Crush (from the makers of Juice Factory) offers you the glamorous opportunity to serve as a Baggage Handler on the hottest space cruiser in the solar system, the Stardust. Your mission is to stack incoming passenger luggage quickly and efficiently with a minimum of mess! Sparing no expense, we’ve prepared two powerful Tractor Beams to move the cargo with (via multitouch). Don’t worry, you’ll receive plenty of on the job training!

As your skills improve, you’ll unlock 5 distinct game modes across 3 difficulty levels, mastering a wide range of luggage wrangling moves in the process. Every level has a leaderboard, so when you do great work your name will be known from Mercury to Neptune!

Use the in-game editor to build your own levels and share them with other players in the test area. The most-loved levels will be incorporated into the main game. Levels are downloaded on-the-fly, so new content is arriving all the time!

It’s free and both reviews of it so far are 5 stars. You can check it out here.

The v1.1 release is coming soon and will bring Mango fast-switching suport!

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