Wow – a devout iUser like iJustine prefers Bing voice search over Siri. That says a lot about what Microsoft has done. Now they need to expand on the capabilities but at least they have a strong foundation of voice to text conversion.

Anyone out there rocking both have any thoughts on which captures voice input better?

via LiveSide


  1. siri doesn’t do voice recognition, it uses nuance for that. what siri does is natural language processing, which bing doesn’t do at all (on iphone it’s probably just search in the app, on windows phone it only works with commands)

    • So what you are saying is, “Find McDonald’s”, or better yet, “Find hamburgers” is a command. But, “I feel like a hamburger” is not, so that makes it better. Actually I wonder how Siri would handle that latter statement. Would probably offer up a spa or some other “non food related” result. Tell Me, btw, offered up a bunch of local fast food joints in town. That’s what I wanted and that’s the result I got.

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