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In Call Screen Timeout SOLVED (Really:) )

I know we’ve tried on multiple occasions to solve what should be a simple problem – when on a call on your Touch Pro the screen times out and turns off forcing you to hit the power key or the center of the dpad to bring it back on. It’s a nuisance when trying to use the keypad or use your phone at all since it requires a little more hand juggling. Well the registry tweaks have failed (the best one required changing the gsen polling to an unacceptable level) and other solutions were not reproducible (including the one that was working on my Fuze:) ) And while the new leaked Fuze ROM is rumored to solve the so-called ‘fast sleep’ issue, a new solution has come out that actually works for all of us. The reason it works: it is not based on the registry. This is an application that during a phone call monitors the angle of the phone. If the phone is facing screen up the screen is turned on and if the phone is vertical (like up to your ear) the screen turns itself off. And you’ll see that you can take your phone and continually change the orientation and the backlight will toggle on and off with each change in orientation (it takes a short time to turn on/off and I’ve noticed that the first time during each call seems to takes the longest).

So all you need to do is download and install Touch InCall Screen Tweak – v1.0 (beta) from XDA which is the work of StevePritchard and 600GOL. It works on my Fuze and is reported as working on a Sprint Touch Pro. Great job guys – you’ve stepped up and solved something that is a nuisance to all of us and one that HTC doesn’t seem to think is a priority but real users do.

By the way, like the photo? Screen sleep – get it?:)