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Infinity Blade 2 hits the App Store a day early!

Easily my favorite game for the iPad 2 is Infinity Blade. I have reached level 110 and still have a few swords left to master. Infinity Blades graphics and game play are outstanding for the iPad 2 and when they announced that they would be releasing a sequel to the very successful first version I was thrilled! The day has come and thanks to a tip from Chris Leiter I am now waiting patiently for IB2 to download. Seems there is a lot of congestion on iTunes because it has been waiting for quite some time. Chris has already said that this is an great follow up to the original so I can’t wait to get started on playing! Unfortunately it looks like this will not be free download for those who already bought the first version and pricing for IB2 is $6.99. Don’t even gripe about it, the game is worth it so just get the download started! Let us know what you think and if you already started playing and drop a comment with your thoughts!

Head on over to iTunes and grab Infinity Blade II or CLICK HERE