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iOnRoad Brings Real Time Driving Collision Detection To Android

imageThis is a pretty impressive use of augmented reality. iOnRoad uses your Android’s camera to detect hazards in front of your car in real time. Before anyone goes nuts, no this’ isn’t a replacement for you keeping your eyes on the road, but it is a great tool to help you, particularly if you get distracted, even only momentarily. I’ll give more details but check out the video:

iOnRoad’s Android Market launch includes several new features that help drivers remain focused on the road and safe:

Notification Narration- Uses text-to-speech to read incoming notifications in order to ensure the safety of the driver.

Social Integration- Allows drivers to share their driving achievements with others through Facebook and Twitter.

Road Snap Shots- Allows drivers to take a snapshot of a hazard or reckless driver and automatically post it to Facebook.

Personal Web Dashboard- Allows users to improve their driving skills by viewing their latest drives and alerts.

For now it’s free. You can learn more about it here