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iPad Mobile Gaming gets better the Fling Suction-Cup Joystick

I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it with everyone. If you are into Gaming your iPad and want better control then have a look at the Fling Suction-Cup Joystick by Ten One Design. Made from clear plastic the Fling Suction-Cup Joystick is said to “Melt” away and become invisible but I think even as cool as this appears to be that there will be some screen real estate sacrificed in the process. Check out the pictures below for a comparison:

Still, I think this is pretty cool and not too bad on the gadget budget with a price tag of $24.99. You are going to have to preorder this as well cause’ Ten One Design won’t have em’ ready to ship until January 28th, 2011. So you should be gaming Suction-Cup Style in February if all goes well. It also appears that Fling might come with a few Color options with an Ice (Clear), Ninja (Black), and Ultraviolet (Purple) color to choose from. Head on over to their website for more information and to preorder your Fling today.

Here is the press release from Ten One Design:

Ten One Design Unveils Fling Tactile Game Controller for iPad at CES 2011

Capacitive touch screen tactile game controller for iPad offers ultimate control over any game with a virtual joystick – pre-sale starts now

Montclair, NJ (January 4, 2011) – Ten One Design, creator of the first capacitive touch-screen stylus for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, has announced its revolutionary tactile game controller for iPad – Fling. This patent pending device adheres to the iPad’s screen over the directional pad of any applicable game to deliver ultimate control and superb response for full gaming immersion.  Fling’s unique spiral design creates actual physical resistance so gamers are assured of greater directional control.

Fling works with any iPad game with a directional pad, or virtual joystick, including Meteor Blitz, Across Age and Super Megaworm, among many other First Person Shooter and RPG titles.
To use Fling, launch the game of your choice, secure Fling’s center control over the game’s directional pad. Then simply place your thumb on the center control to navigate easily through the game.

Fling’s unique transparent and flexible design provides an unrestricted view of all on-screen action. Plus, the suction cups allow simple attachment and detachment for spontaneous gaming sessions. Click here to see full video demo.

The included microfiber bag is ideal for on-the-go storage and doubles as the perfect screen cleaning cloth to eliminate unwanted smudges and fingerprints.

Available with Ice, Ninja and Ultraviolet accents, Fling can be pre-ordered now for just $24.95 and will begin shipping at the end of January.