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iPads with retina displays and iOS 6 caught on server logs

Friday afternoon and let me end the day on another rumor note. Looks like there have been some server log sitings of an iPad running iOS 6 and iOS 5.1. Not that hard to believe that iOS 5.1 lurking around but it is quite unexpected to see iOS 6.0 in the wild. It was reported that an iPad with 2048 x 1536 hit the ars technica website 365 times. 

While we all wait for March 7th to confirm the specs on the iPad 3, it makes me wonder if this is true or not. Would Apple really send out calling card like this before the announcement? It seems Apple would take better precautions than to let employees take unreleased devices and operating systems out for a spin. However, we know Apple has been a little “loose” with protecting the iPhone in the past after hours at some drinking establishments.

So do you think this is hoax or the real deal? March 7th will tell all.

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