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iPhone 5 MADNESS: BMW toughness proven and burglar gets the wrong date

iphone 5 madness

Well then, I would first like to start out by admitting this has always been a dream of mine, to be able to drive something right through the Apple store. Not to steal anything of course, but for the simple satisfaction of mass iDestruction….and like any good Microsoft fanboy, I would have been waving a “windows not walls” flag all the way through.

The men seen in this video had a different agenda, they were fixated on the not too long announced iPhone 5. This leads me to believe they didn’t pay attention to the launch dates, so ended up with old hardware. But my god, did they do this will a et of steal balls! First off, there should be no more questions raised on BMW’s toughness as a vehicle. As you can all see, the BMW looks un-phased by the madness. Secondly, this man’s “snatching ability powers” are on 100%. WOW! Just watch the video folks, just watch!!!!

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