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iPhone Theft Tracking GPS Isn’t Exactly Accurate

So I just had a visit from some guy and his two friends and he accused me of stealing his iPhone. He showed me on his Macbook with the GPS marked and yeah it’s near here I  guess, GPS says it’s in the middle of the street actually. He says he was at Target shopping and it was stolen from the bathroom, problem is, I wasn’t at Target today and neither was my wife. I wasn’t anywhere near Target today, I went to get cigs right down the street, but that’s about it. I’m just amazed the guy actually came and knocked on some random strangers door? Wouldn’t you go to the police first? It’s not exactly safe to wonder around knocking on doors accusing people of stealing their stuff. Amazing really, I was like who are these people coming to my house? And that’s what it was, some guy accusing me of theft. I hate Apple stuff, he doesn’t know me very well apparently… I think my HTC One actually costs more than an iPhone so why would I want something cheaper and in my opinion inferior?

Whatever, my little mobile story for the day..


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