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JukeFly For Windows Phone: Stream Your Home PC Music To Your Phone (Even If Your PC Is Off or You Have No Data Connection) For Free

imageimageI double dog dare you to get a longer title than that but it’s worth it. Roxio has a service called JukeFly that’s currently in beta that let’s you stream music from your PC to your phone. Aside from being free, one of the great features here is that you actually don’t need to stream it from your PC (so it can be turned off). They explains two ways to get music to your phone:

Two way to discover and enjoy music

Enjoy music online. With JukeFly, browsing new music is a breeze. You can browse and listen to millions of songs and you don’t have to rely on your personal music collection. JukeFly gathers the latest songs, music videos, lyrics, albums and charts from the most popular online sources and brings them to you.

Personal streaming music. If you have your own music and want to enjoy it ANYWHERE, the JukeFly Personal Music Server (JPMS) is for you. The JPMS manages your song on the JukeFly servers. Your music still reside on the user PC – only the metadata like song-name, artist-name, album-name etc. is used on the JukeFly servers. After a quick install, the JPMS will allow you to stream your music from anywhere even if your home computer is offline.

So let’s move on to the WP7 app. You can stream over wifi or 3G. As a Windows Phone exclusive (since this is available for Android and iPhone) you also get social integration (to update your Facebook wall, Tweet or send a Musicnote to your friends with what you’re listening to) and offline listening – you can listen to your music even if your phone is not connected to a data connection by specifying a playlist you want to store locally. Just search for JukeFly in the Marketplace to try this out. 

I haven’t tried this yet (just saw it) but I think I have no option but to give this a go. If you beat me to it, share your experiences here.