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Just How Big Is the iPhone 6 Plus? Here is a Comparison You Can Do Yourself

I have been considering this as many of you might too. Just how big is the iPhone 6 Plus and what are going to be the downsides to having this as a daily driver? Now granted, the iPhone 6 Plus is feature rich and has a better camera and screen than it’s little brother the iPhone 6. It will also have some pretty cool iOS 8 tricks like better website layouts (eventually) and email layouts. It’s definitely a very cool device. But here is the deal. I have toted around the Dell streak when the phablets just started coming out and I was not a huge fan. The build quality of the Dell Streak was excellent but it was huge. It did not allow for single handed operation at all. Now the iPhone 6 Plus will be just as big but at least Apple move the power button so it could be more easily accessed. The iPhone 6 is going to measure 4.7 inches, which will be both longer and wider than the current iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 Plus will be a 5.5 inch screen. Here are the measurements:

So what does that actually mean when you hold it? Well the folks at have created this PDF:

Click Here to Download the PDF

Then you can print it out and cut out the patterns to get a “hands on” feel for how much bigger the new iPhones are in fact going to be.

It may be worth trading some of the cool new iPhone 6 Plus features for comfort of being able to carry it around with you and use more comfortably in one hand.