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Why a Windows Mobile User Might Buy an iPhone 3GS?

And that user is me. It has been a year since I bought HTC Touch Diamond with Windows Mobile 6.1 installed on it. It is my first Windows phone so when I bought it with HTC’s TouchFlo 3D and Manila interface, I was impressed. Being an unofficial application tester, I tried almost all applications out there to see if an application is any good for me or not. I spent almost four months in doing this testing. I do not play games on my mobile, else, this time would have been eight or nine months instead.

I finally got fed of the default HTC ROM and started trying different ROMs available on xda on my phone. My most favorite ROM till today has been Energy ROMs. The issue have I faced for a long time has been the small storage memory and my being not able to install all the apps I wanted on my phone. But I still liked a few things about my Diamond or say any other touch screen Windows Mobile:

  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Integration with Windows XP (my old OS) and Windows 7 (my current OS) and Outlook
  • Multiple ROMs and the fact that I can cook my own ROM using various kitchens – thanks to xda
  • Lots of options to customize the UI using different apps and tweaks
  • Low cost
  • Excellent screen resolution

The things I did not like about my Windows Mobile are here (these may vary for other devices):

  • Small storage memory which means small number of programs you can install because many programs don’t give an option to install them on storage card. There was a time when I was always cleaning up space to be able to install another program or just keep the phone running.
  • No voice call recording software/mechanism. Whatever is there, it is just not good enough because of bad recording quality
  • Not so cool UI (relative to iPhone) – I know this sounds contradictory to what I said earlier but what it means is that may be you can tweak almost everything and have a pretty attractive UI, it is still not what I am looking for.
  • Not so many useful applications and whatever is there – it does not have the best interface it could have (relative to iPhone)
  • Sound quality without using the earphones is poor and I mean really poor
  • No video call support. It is there in the US released models but not in the India released models
  • Only 4GB internal storage with no storage expansion possible
  • Low battery backup and that means I have to charge my phone every day

Whenever I browsed the mobile forums, I could always see new iPhone apps mentioned on the forums and there were no similar apps available for my Windows Mobile device. The apps were always different and pretty useful. The best thing about the iPhone apps was there appealing UI. I really felt something missing on my mobile. Changing the mobile interface to iPhone look was just fooling myself and I chose not to do it. The only way to feel better was to buy an iPhone and that too the iPhone 3GS model. In India, and I am sure in US as well :-), it is pretty expensive without any operator contracts etc. The cost is equal to the cost of any good brand decent laptop. Compared to my Diamond, it is almost double the cost.

I could have chosen to buy another Windows Mobile device with all issues I am facing fixed in it and obviously by paying more than I did for Diamond. I do not have a good reason of keeping two Windows Mobiles. I plan to buy a new iPhone 3GS soon. The things I am looking forward to and I hope that they are there are:

  • More program memory – if there is such concept as in Windows Mobile devices
  • Huge storage space (16 GB or 32 GB)
  • Better audio, video, graphics
  • Call recording
  • Attractive UI and more than 14000 applications – another 5 -6 months of unofficial software testing
  • Video call support
  • Bigger screen with high resolution

And I already know of the following issues that I might face while using the iPhone:

  • Phone getting heat up on its own after being used for a while. In summers – it is real hot in North India in comparison to US and I am not sure if the phone will function properly or not. The maximum temp. I have seen here in 2009 was about 44 degree (in Celsius). Will my iPhone survive this much heat?
  • Battery backup

That is all I know and can recall now. Do you have any comments? Please enlighten me before I get any surprises or shocks after buying the iPhone 3GS.