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Keyboard Fight!

Let’s rumble. You ready tough guy? I’ll start:

SwiftKey for Android is the best soft keyboard of all time. The damn thing predicts the next word you’d otherwise have to type based on statistics baby, statistics, and it gets better the more you use it.

Anyone who disagrees with me on that clearly either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or watched too many Swype commercials with the guy winning a world record for typing some nonsense probably both customized for Swype and to fit snugly into a 30 second TV spot. Look punk, SwiftKey kicks your soft keyboard’s ass to the point of inflicting massive butthurt on both your keyboard and you.

Now if you do disagree, kindly share, if you dare, with me and others reading this what soft keyboard app for any mobile platform is the best and why. Or if you’re a hard keyboard hold-out, try to convince us why it’s worth having a thicker and heavier phone.

Doug Simmons