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Let’s make it easy and just provide the small list of countries won’t have WP8 Marketplace availability

Microsoft provided a list of 191 countries that will have access to the WP8 Marketplace. Now that doesn’t mean handsets are coming to each of them, but it does mean that if you live there you can buy apps. And 191 countries is simply staggering. In fact, there are only about 196 countries (yeah it’s a moving target). But I figured I’d compare this list to Microsoft’s list to see who was left out and you won’t be too shocked: Cuba, East Timor (Timor-Leste), Iran, North Korea, Kosovo, Moldova, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Vatican City (somehow I think they still can buy apps there). Oddly, the official country list leaves off the following countries that Microsoft includes as having access:Faroe Islands, Greenland, Hong Kong, Macao. That’s weird, but anyway, if you’re reading this you’re getting access to the Marketplace.

Sorry North Korea, but until you play nice with the UN, no Windows Phone apps for you!  And maybe Iran will take sanctions seriously now.